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Archive for May 16th, 2009

A Advertising Solution For New Age-Email Marketing Services

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

With the condition of today’s troubled economy, advertisers are looking for reliable, affordable solutions to build their business. Since the introduction of the World Wide Web companies have been exploring new, innovative ways to use it in their marketing efforts. The advent of the internet has led to email marketing services taking off over the past five years.

Email marketing services can provide techniques that will maximize your time by reaching thousands of people by the click of a button. An email marketing solution is the best way to reach your customers without spending tons of money. Email marketing services can allow a company to cut its cost of communicating with potential clients in half if not more! Imagine never having to make another phone call to a potential client, or never having to waste money printing thousands of direct mail pieces that will eventually be thrown in the trash. An email marketing solution firm can make this possible.

Email marketing solution firms offer many ways to reach your prospective clients. Email marketing services can consist of: email lists, email list management, providing templates, and the timely delivery of all your material. Some email marketing services are even guaranteeing that there solutions are permission based. In today’s world of spam and viruses, it is very important to think twice about using an email marketing solution. This form of marketing can be very effective if used correctly, but if your email marketing solution firm is just spamming thousands of potential clients, you are more likely to aggravate them than gain their business!

Email marketing services are also advertising software that can assist in your marketing campaign. The majority of this software is dubbed as list management and email delivery services. These companies also have different software that target needs of many different organizations. Some of the email marketing needs covered are: solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, software designed to meet the needs of advertising agencies, designs for newspapers and magazine publishers, and a basic program that is fully customizable.

There are many benefits to hiring an email marketing solution firm, as opposed to handling this yourself. These companies offer high performance guarantees. Without a service you may be able to get out a couple of hundred emails per hour. With an email marketing service high speed message delivery is available to the tune of up to 10 million messages per hour! These companies also boast about their reliability in delivering messages. These companies handle many requests that you may never think of such as an unsubscribe link which is very important in preventing spam. These companies can also build in an auto retry feature that will attempt to send a message until it makes it way to the recipient. If acting alone you will have to take the time to perform this function.

Email marketing is not only faster but much cheaper. Email marketing services –  a fast, efficient, and cheap way for you to market your services. Do you want to choose a email marketing solutions firm provider to change the way you do business now? Email marketing services can be very affordable. The ability to be scalable will allow cutting expenses and expanding as you see a return on your investment.

Discriminating Between Translation and Interpretation

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Translation and interpretation are both alike and different terms. They have some of the same characteristics but they also get the differences. With this article, we will know clearly about these two terms.

Studying the facts and terms used below will help you decide if becoming an interpreter or a translator is something for you or the right services to choose for your company.

What are the common facts?

The translators and interpreters must love to learn about other civilizations and be willing to spend extra time to understand the other cultures better and not just their own as both will be required to translate/interpret from the source language to the target language.

Translation and interpretation have to give the precise information in the intended language and this needs to be done in the language that they grew up with to ensure accuracy.

Both fields entail to learn more than two languages. This might appear as a common knowledge, but in reality many translators and interpreters know one language very well and the other only partially.

Both Interpreters and Translators should stay informed about the terms and existing matters in their discipline. If you are doing a translation about Hybrid cars then you should know what is going on with that technology, if you are interpreting for a cardio surgeon, you need to know the terms that have to do with pain, procedure etc

What are the differences?

An interpretation is done orally and at the same time. On the other hand, a translation is a written assignment translated from one language to the target language.
A translator does not need to be part of a team and can work from home. An interpreter has to work with multiple people at the same time and has to work on site.

Types of Translation:

Software translation
It is done by a computer through some internet sites and the translation is done poorly.

Software-assisted translation
This is a great tool as the translator is able to create a memory of terms, like medical, financial, legal and he can choose if the word or sentences he used is appropriate for that specific context.

Translation/interpretation from a display
Translators work on the screen that will appear as a subtitle and the interpreters record their voices for dubbing purposes

Sight translation
This is done by interpreters when for example someone is at a conference and gives a verbal explanation of a written document. The interpreter needs to express orally the changes in the target language.

Consider it a better marketing tool. The company will market the product by keeping in mind the cultures and customs of the targeted country.

Types of interpretation:

Instantaneous interpretation
The interpreter listens to a conversation and translates it at the same time as he hears it, using a headphones and a mike. Instantaneous interpretation happen when many languages are needed. The interpreters will only interpret from one language to its native tongue.

Successive interpretation
The interpreter memorizes what someone says up to few sentences at a time and interprets during silences. This method can only be used when two languages are needed; for example, if you are helping out a journalist whose language is German and who has a Spanish audience. The interpreter will go back and forth between German and Spanish to make sure questions and answers are given correctly.

Though you are an interpreter or a translator, you can reach a great rewards. Yet something you’re required to have the right languages skills and aptitudes to do that perfectly.