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Mailing Bags and Other Packaging Materials

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Mailing bags are a tough plastic polythene material manufactured specifically for postal and delivery services. Each is light in weight and has a super strong glue which allows you to ‘peel and seal’ to ensure you have a super tight self-seal on the courier bag. Manufacturers who produce high quality materials can boast a super strong seal which can’t be opened unless it is physically torn into, gone are the days where bags can be peeled open and items go missing or get damaged.

They are manufactured in a variety of sizes, most companies can supply as small as 6.5″ x 9″ inches and as large as 24″ x 28″ inches. You can even purchase bags for odd sized products like car windscreen wipers but the most common stock sent out are DVDs, CDs and clothes. As well as different sizes they can also provide a mixture of colours including grey, pink, blue, orange, green, black and white. Perfectly ideal for a business which works around a colour scheme and wishes to create an image even through the delivery process. It is always important to protect the environment, so environmental friendly postage sacks are available which either 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

If you sell products on the internet then it’s about time you joined millions of other sellers who use these polythene sacks generally they save you a lot of time and money. When you’re ready to post an item you simply put the product in the mail bag, peel back the tape and seal it. The next step is to put an address on the parcel; this can be done one of many ways. A popular method is to print off sticky labels or documents enclosed holders which works perfectly with the polythene texture, thankfully for those who do not want to go to this effort can easily write on the plastic with a biro pen.

Many sellers use traditional methods to post their products, such as visiting the post office or using a courier. What a lot of sellers do not realise is that a lot of money can be saved. Most post offices use “pricing in proportion” this basically means the postage bags used will be priced according to how they fit through the post box. The methods are either a letter, large letter or packet and generally most bulky items will be sent a packet unless they physically look and feel like letters. What most people don’t understand is that you can quite easily use the large letter method instead of the packet to save you up to £1.00 or more when posting within the UK. As long as your item is thin enough to fit within the required depth you are clear to use the large letter, this is ideal for clothing as long as you package it up with cardboard boarding to ensure it stays rigid during transport. If you are a seller sending out a lot of small items this is a big benefit to you as we all know profit margins can be tight and the postage costs generally are the most expensive fee. Once packaged up in a mailing bag and sealed as long as your item weights no more than 1KG it can be sent in the large letter format. Again it is important to reiterate the message that with postage bags you are saving on weight as you don’t get the added bubble wrap inside or the heavier kraft card on the outside which weighs down the bag more saving up to 80 grams or more!

If you are looking to make a purchase the best place to look is online, there are specialist suppliers who can ensure these bags get sent to you in a timely manner and are always there to assist.

Label and Packaging Materials (LPM) division offers pressure-sensitive label stock and adhesive film that can be designed and manufactured for any application. Avery Dennison combines creative expertise and engineering with best-in-class automation techniques to produce solutions whose beauty and performance help enhance some of the world’s most successful brands.

How to Choose the Best Home Ladder

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The debate: is a ladder a simple machine or not? Interestingly, it is a type of inclined plane no matter how others argue that it does not offer motion, basing on the definition of what a simple machine is. Another fact about ladders is that they are the most overlooked must-haves for every home, as not many have them despite their importance.

There might be several advanced machines present nowadays to aid in construction. You have forklifts, cranes, backhoes, or what have you, but these are way too impractical for homeowners to invest in. What comes useful for a variety of purposes and situations are ladders. For instance, home organization most often requires placing items on top spaces and shelves. Using chairs to aid you is way too risky. Home ladders, on the other hand, are movable; they are very easy to transport, they fit limited in spaces, and can be mounted almost anywhere.

Below are some of the important aspects you need to know when shopping for home ladders and maximizing their value:

What Are the Best Home Ladders For You

Before you get excited and head out to your local hardware store, you have to understand some basic information about the types of home ladders and their specific functions. Knowing them will ensure that what you buy is something you will need and that you will be able to use it most of the time.

According to form

Think about the odd jobs you usually do at home. Attic home ladders are the more ideal choice if you normally spend considerable time storing stuff in the attic, but do not want your kids there when you are working. These ladders are equipped with a mechanism to pull them up and down.

Do you need to perform roof cleaning from time to time, or do you have solar panels installed in your roof? These types of job need the aid of cat ladders, which are light and prevent placing much weight on your roof. For that regular window cleaning, hook home ladders should be your choice as they come with a mechanism to attach them snugly to windowsills.

According to stability

Home ladders that fall under this category have different mechanisms to give you solidity and steadiness even when climbing high areas or uneven surfaces. Trestle home ladders stay firm because they consist of two ladders joined together to form a letter A.

Platform ladders have a convenient step on its topmost part, so you step on it firmly and safety when you need to use both hands. Folding ladders are best for uneven ground because you can hide some of its steps so that the two sides stay parallel with each other.