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Knowing Before Changing Careers

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Changing careers need not necessarily mean switching employers. You can change careers with your current employer, if they are open to such a change.

You are a restless and an industrious guy. Moving up in the same job or hopping companies for a promotion or a raise no longer excites you. You know that you are capable of chewing more than the best of them. Though you are not highly skilled in something interesting, you are confident of finding your way to success working hard. Some specialized fields may call for a short duration of training. The knowledge you have gained over time about the new profession and the drive that you have to create something is driving you to change professions altogether. For example, if you are a professor of economics teaching at a university you will change careers to a top ranking finance management position of a big corporation. Your finance background will assist you in making the change successfully.

New career options in six sigma methodology has opened up more opportunities for those who excelled in their previous careers. As more and more companies are discovering that implementing six sigma helps them break barriers that they always thought were insurmountable, people with brilliance written on their foreheads are finding new and fulfilling careers. To enter a career in six sigma implementation, you should have well-rounded experience in various management positions and mastery in at least one of them.

Changing careers is not for the faint of heart. It is no fun unless you eat challenges for breakfast. You must like what you are doing and must posses the desire to excel.

Professional Resume Writing Service

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

It is important to use a professional writer who will know the right phrases and words to use to get you in the door. There are many so-called writing services out there that will be glad to take your money, but will they be willing to deliver a quality finished product and stand behind it? You need to make sure that the resume writing service that you use will revise the documents for you if necessary without a problem or an additional fee.

It is also important that the professional resume writing service get you the product in a reasonable amount of time. Imagine seeing the opportunity for the job of your dreams in an ad and hiring a writer to create a unique cover letter and resume for you to get this job, only to have to wait weeks to receive the finished product. This can end up costing you a valuable opportunity. Jobs today are more difficult to get, but that does not mean that there are no jobs available. You can get the job that you have always wanted with the right qualifications. Present those qualifications to a prospective employer with a quality resume and cover letter written by a professional writing service.

With Preferred Résumé Group, it makes your 15 seconds count for all that it is worth and gives you the leverage you need to not just stand out but to stand above the rest. They give you a professionally written resume that will emphasize, detail and highlight your accomplishments, experiences and successes in a manner that will excel above the others. They know what industry related key buzz words are needed and which words to eliminate from a resume. They spend a lot of time researching the various employment opportunities, speaking with their affiliated recruiters and maintaining up to date accurate data that informs them of the preferred buzzwords.

Preferred Résumé Group is a resume writing company that specializes in resumes for financial professionals. Encompassing 20 plus years in the financial arena they understand the economy and the repercussions of their current recession better than most. They recognize the competitive job market and the limitations that arise from such. They know how to translate your successful achievements and goals into a custom professional resume that will achieve your desired results with 100% confidentiality.

Preferred Résumé Group targets your experience and skills, translating them into key words and phrases that are searched for by head hunters, recruiters, managers and human resources. In addition to custom resumes professionally written specifically for you, not using a template, they offer cover letters, executive bios, and thank you letters for follow up to interviews, free consultation and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!