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Effective Business Cards for Small Business

A business card usually carries details about the person’s designation, organization that he represents office/factory address, telephone numbers and his email address.

The earliest business cards were actually playing cards on which people put their signatures and other messages. Then slowly trade cards evolved – cards that gave direction to a merchant’s shop or warehouse mainly and advertised the products the trader dealt in. Trade cards underwent modifications and it’s now called business cards.

In a market driven economy, it’s impossible to do business without business cards. Big or small business, business cards are a must.

Contact details of a big business or a big brand can be easily found out from other sources, like the Internet. However, in case of a small business it’s not possible to do so as in most of the times people don’t even remember exactly the name of the organization or person they want to contact.

Big businesses can spend more on advertisements and their promotions. Small businesses have business cards to do their advertising. Therefore, business cards are vital when it comes to small business.

By simply having a business card doesn’t help when it comes to small business. As one cloth size doesn’t fit all, similarly one type of business card doesn’t suit all organizations. The business card should be designed in such a manner that it should make a positive statement about the organization or the personality aspect of the person carrying it.

Moreover, there is so much of importance attached to first impressions in networking and sales that it’s unthinkable to have a generic business card. The business card should be designed in such a manner that it would reflect strongly about your personality, the organization you represent, the products you deal with and the kind of service you can offer.

The business card should be designed in conformity with the business you are in. An undertaker with comic fonts and cartoon characters on his business cards should not expect much response. Whereas, a small animation firm can display as much creativity and color as possible on their business cards to make a lasting impact.

If corporate clients are the targets, it would be prudent to avoid adding your photo to the business card. Too many words on the business cards confuse people. Similarly, faint fonts do not register well in the minds. All such factors should be considered before ordering business cards, because a well-designed business card can be a ticket to business success.

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