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The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

October 23rd, 2013 10:45 pm

Marketing and Advertising, although they sound similar but in reality they are not. Advertising is only a part of the bigger game called Marketing. Marketing encompasses complete conceptualization of your company’s brand right from research to designing to advertising to sale. Advertising, on the other hand is a component of the marketing process which is nothing but conveying the message through variety of mediums to promote the product.

Advertising is one of the most important components of a marketing strategy and can be one of the most expensive. Advertising constitutes on publicizing your message to the public, either about your company, product or services. It also constitutes behind the scenes work like the process involving formation of various strategies and coming up with the right one to target the viewers. The strategy consists of planning things like placing ads, deciding what media to use, what time, frequency, etc. The advertisements are generally placed via mediums like television, snail mail, newspapers, internet, emails, radio, magazines, mobile messaging, flyers, billboards etc.

The easiest way to differentiate advertising from marketing is to consider marketing as a cake and if you cut the cake, advertising as one of the pieces. Other pieces of cake are market research, product design, media planning, PR, product pricing, customer satisfaction, customer support, sales and many more. All these components or pieces of the cake should work independently but collectively in achieving the bigger goal e.g. selling the product and building the company’s reputation in the target market. Marketing is a marathon process involving many tasks that involve hours sometimes days of research. The research part of marketing takes most of the time as it involves thoroughly understanding the behavior of people towards a product. Designing the product and developing advertising strategy is also a time consuming process.

But many companies often make the mistake of confusing advertising with marketing. They try to ape big companies like Apple and Microsoft in advertising but they simply ignore the work that goes behind that. A classical example of this is the development of a logo for instance. Many business owners are so hysterical about the logo of their company in their advertisements that they think that it will simply bring in the sales. But what makes a logo works is none other than the reputation of the company and the logo should have a feeling to it and must truly reflect the company’s values. Also remember that these companies spend fortunes on advertising which a new start up business cannot necessarily do. Rather than spending unnecessary money on branding your product it would be wise to invest money and time in communicating to the consumers. After building your reputation and growing to a big size company then you can think of lavish ideas as logos etc.

Smart marketers are aggressive in their approach rather than passive. They provoke reader’s minds by prompting them to do something rather than just making them knowledgeable of the product. Smart marketers also bring home the names, addresses and contact numbers of people who are really interested in hiring your company by employing aggressive marketing techniques. Having a good marketing campaign speaks a lot about the company and their products and advertising gives that finishing touch to the hard work done by the marketing people in selling your product or services.

Important Facts About Air Compressors

October 23rd, 2013 9:58 pm

An air compressor is one of the many machines that aid you in your work daily. From the name itself it is used to compress air meaning it is a machine that takes in air and compresses it thus resulting in an increase in pressure inside the tank and less pressure outside the tank. It has the ability to provide the owner with power at different levels. A portable air compressor is very convenient to use because it can be transferred from place to another based on your area of work. There are many types of air compressors based on its use.

The advantages of air compressor might not be noticeable enough but it has a lot of uses to us. When you have a flat tire, an auto air compressor must be readily available to help you fill the tire with the air it needs. Moreover, the relaxing experience that we can feel during very hot weathers is due to the compressors used in air conditioners. Aside from that, the oxygen needed by scuba divers in order to stay longer at the bottom of the sea is provided with the help of these devices.

The first type is a piston compressor or a reciprocating compressor. It is the most common and the widely used kind in the market. It works just like a combustion engine but in exactly the opposite function. It pumps air into a chamber and then reduces the volume of the chamber. It contains different parts like valves and pistons, crankshafts, cylinders and housing blocks.

Rotary screw compressors are the nest kind of portable air compressor. This works by filling air into two screws. As the screws are turned, lesser volume is made which results in the increase in air pressure. Usually this type of compressor is used for cooling, lubricating and as a cover for any possible leakage.

In addition to the two types, the third one is the rotary sliding vane compressor where it uses two shaft and vane that will be used to create a vacuum and compress air. Models of these kinds of compressors needed lubrication in order for the vanes to work properly.

Finally, centrifugal compressors are the last type of compressors that works differently from the other three. It uses high levels of speed in spinning so that air is increased and a component called a diffuser to slow down air.

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