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Design Your Business Cards

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

If you have just started your own business and you do not have business cards, then you need to place it toward the top of your list. Business cards are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise your business effectively.

The reason business cards range greatly in prices depends on various factors. There are a multitude of paper types and print styles that go into making up business cards. If you are having a logo designed with your business cards, it will probably cost you more. Yet, if you are on a budget, simple business cards can be just as effective. There are a number of free templates available across the internet to get you started. However, you should make sure that your business cards have specific information before you start worrying about paper, layout, or design.

First, your business cars should always have your company name prominently displayed. Your business cards are a visual reminder of your company, so do not hide the company name. If your company has a slogan, you should definitely add it to your business cards. Your slogan will most likely remind the person why they wanted to do business with you. Then make sure you have your name, and possibly your job title listed. You want the people to whom you are giving your business cards to remember your name so they know whom to contact.

Another essential piece of information for your business cards is your phone number. You will want to give people more than one way to reach you, so it is usually a good idea to include your main line and then add your fax line or e-mail address on your business cards. The more ways a person has to get in touch with you the better. A final item you may want to put on your business cards is your address. For some businesses, their address is not applicable the work they do, so they should not put it on their business cards. Yet, if you are running a store or office, then you may want to add your physical address to your business cards so people can find you more easily.

The essentials to your business cards are important, but you should use a template that makes all that information easy to read and simple to follow. For most businesses, a simple business card is fine. However, adding some color, a logo, or a design can bring a little spice to your business cards, making them a little more prominent. You can even use various desktop publishing programs to create your own, unique business cards. However, if you do not feel so creative, you can also hire a designer or printer to create your business cards for you.

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The Private Investigation Business

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

During the past few years, The private investigation business not only offers interesting and exciting work opportunities but also self employment opportunities for those progressive enough to want to be their own boss.

Entry Requirements

As long as you are 18 years and over and have a clean criminal record then you qualify for a private investigation career. In the USA, most states require P.I.’s to be licensed however, it may pay to check with your state’s governing body on the requirements as far as licenses are concerned in your state.

While there are no formal education requirements for entering the private investigation business it might pay to take a course particularly if you lack any qualifications in other areas. It’s interesting to note some schools and colleges are starting to offer courses in the P.I. business as part of their curriculum.

Work Experience

For those who have experience in another occupation such as the police force, military or government security field then the transition to private investigation is almost a natural one. However, many people who have backgrounds in a diverse mix of careers such as insurance, law and finance are also making the switch.

The private investigation business offers prospects employment in a variety of fields including the business and corporate sector, family and domestic, insurance, online search and investigation and special services such as armed escorts and bodyguard. The attractiveness of this business is you can specialize in one particular area without having to be a “jack-of-all-trades.”

Job Prospects

Now is a good time to join the ranks of private investigators. Why? Simply because this profession is on a fast upward growth curve. For those seeking to be self-employed, then starting out as an employee is a sensible approach. Attempting to start in business first without the relative experience is bordering on business suicide. By gaining a year or two experience with a firm and learning the ins and outs of the business will have you better prepared to go it alone.

The Future

Industry figures put the private investigation business near the top of the industries growth tree. The internet has opened up a new portal for P.I.’s with criminal activity in the areas of identity theft and copyright infringement now rife. The world has also become a smaller place with business going global in numbers and the need for private investigators ever increasing. Add to this the old chestnuts of divorce, litigation and insurance fraud and the future looks rosy for those considering a career in “sleuthing.”

Finally, some states in the US are considering making private investigator training mandatory in fact, it’s predicted entry into the P.I. business may become a little more difficult especially if educational and experience levels are set.