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Logistics Providers in Los Angeles

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The Los Angeles 3PL is your logistics provider that guarantees the delivery of reliable services outsourced by the principal company for a segment and sometimes all of the supply chain administration function.

1. Standard Third Party Logistics Provider – This for of 3PL is the basic form of this outsourced service. The se provider perform distinct tasks involving picking, packing and warehousing. Their operation may also include in its scope the actual distribution of the finished market in major product distributions hubs.
2. Los Angeles Service Developers – This is the class of 3PL provider that offer to customers a more advanced services involving cutting edge technology application that focuses on product and materials tracking and tracing, specific packaging, institution of unique security system and cross docking among others. The main strong points of this service are the benefits that are direct result of economies of scale and the implements of IT based operations in the Los Angeles contract warehouse.
3. 3PL Customer Adapter – This class of third party logistics provider focuses on customers’ requests and needs and practically assumes the entire logistics component of the company’s operations. This frontline service is a value-added intervention that works for total customer satisfaction.
4. 3PL Customer Developer – This is the highest class of third party logistics provider. The 3PL provider actively interacts with the market and provides critical and result oriented task for the principal company.

There is another category of 3PL provider called non asset-based logistics providers. This provider performs tasks such as booking, getting quotes, routing and audit and other human-resource based services. Facilities and platforms used are owned by the company and anchor the value of service on quality and competencies. On the other, the 3PL providers may also provide for the desks, computer and applicable software, vehicles and other assets which are considered integral part of the specific service they provide to the company.

The significance of this type of service, the provider must be able to demonstrate to the company benefits in the financial and operational stream as a result of implemented management practices and technology that have positive impact on the goals and objectives of the company. These goals and objectives are achieved without the direct involvement of company’s assets. In effect, the service provided by 3PL providers perfectly complements with the company’s existing resources and completing the cycle of the company’s operations to serve the needs and wants of their target clientele.

Basics of Welfare Economics

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The economy of a nation is the indicator of its prosperity. What the economy affects primarily are the people of a country. The technique, which uses the concepts of macroeconomics to achieve social goals, has been christened as welfare economics. Economics with all the data, tables, graph etc. can seem to be a very strict and rigid field. But the economists have now attached the human touch to the economic sphere too. Broadly speaking this field essentially involves the distribution of wealth among all the people and hence providing them with the buying capacity.

The need for this approach to study economics arises because of the increasing index of poverty. The people normally do not pay heed to the poor and the needy. There are increasing numbers of people involved in minimum wage jobs. They are employed but yet poor. The wage jobs do not cover the medical insurance or education for the kids. Now in this situation the person prefers to fulfill the need of a square meal then to go for the education option.

In a democratic set up it is seen that the welfare takes a high position in the agenda of the governments. This is, for one, required to ensure the votes. And secondly democracy has an influence of socialism and communism in it, thus the psyche of the government is for the benefit of the masses. America is known for being one such democracy. There are enough people to work for such causes.

The gamut of social welfare is very wide and anything can be brought under it. In one way it is provision of safety to the country’s citizens. Safety from poverty, hunger, disease and many other things a social worker can think of. Now a very thought-worthy question arose when Ralph Nadar brought forward the concept of corporate welfare to the forefront, in 1956. This involves giving tax holidays and other regulatory leverages to the corporations. The debatable issue is that the corporate firms in a capitalist structure cannot be expected to work for the social welfare. And at every step the interests of society and the corporate seem to clash. The design of the corporate structure of the country should be such that it can cater to the needs of themselves as well as those of the society. Corporate governance jurisprudence is probably stemmed out of such conflicts.

The core issue of this problem is probably the distribution of income. The dichotomy on this count arises when one school of thought suggests the governmental influence on income slabs and the other theorizes that government should not at all be involved but it should be the sole discretion of the employer to pay the employees. The actual game lies somewhere in the middle. The governmental regulations do influence the wage schemes. The need of the hour is however, to check the accumulation majority of the wealth among a few hands.

The economic reforms to boost the grass root level employees too have to be brought because it is they who really are at the hem of the economic growth. The new approach is good from the point of view of the low-income people but a balance has to be struck between their interests and the interests of business giants.