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How to Do Better in Cross-Cultural Communication

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

With the fast development of the whole world, people need to communicate with others of different cultures. And cultural communication may seem to be more difficult than the communication with people of the similar cultures. Because different cultures can make the habits and customs vary a lot. The following are some points on how to make the cross cultural communication more successful.

Firstly, you are required to get enough knowledge on their cultures. The best way is to have some practical experience to learn the culture which can make you have a better understanding on their native culture. Maybe you don’t have so much time to learn them. You can buy some books about the history, the customs, their festivals and the characteristics of the people.

Secondly, choose the right ways to show your respect to their culture. Showing your respect to others can make them more ease and also lead to successful communication. It is more proper to avoid tedious speech and you had better give the other person more opportunity to interpret. Sometimes, silence can be a good way to show respect. For example, when some serious issues are referred and a short time of silence show your thoughtfulness to the issues. Sometimes, the topic may be very familiar with you and you are urgent to share your special experience while the other people are talking about something. Interruption is expected to be acceptable in some cultures especially among men or equals. But it is not the case in the Northern European.

Thirdly, a successful conversation requires a good topic and proper humor when necessary. You should choose appropriate topic according to the culture. In some cultures, it may seem to be vulgar to talk about the politics. So, you had better get more knowledge on which topics will not arouse hostility but happiness. For different people, the sense of humor can vary a lot. If you really want to use some humors in communication, you must have deeper understanding of the cultures.

Although cultural differences may cause some difficulties in the communication, the best way to solve this problem is to get enough preparation before hand and pay enough attention to the important points in cultural communication. You can have a good conversation with the people of different cultures so long as you get better understanding of them as well as their culture.

Telecommunication News and Trends

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Companies all over the world must communicate with each other on a daily basis and there are always newer and better ways to accomplish this goal. To lose a potential business partner or customers because of a lack of the latest business telecom solutions being used by other major corporations can be one of the most detrimental things a business can face.

Staying in the know about the most current telecommunication news and trends is actually easier than it sounds. With minimal time and effort, you can ensure that your company is not behind the times, or unable to deal with other companies via online voice telephony, video conferencing, or any newly developed method of communication.

Some of the best ways to stay in touch with the telecommunications industry are simple steps that can lead to success. As an example, look at the websites of major telecommunications companies, as they often list their latest projects there. Another easy way to keep up with the industry is to read news about telecom companies from a third-party source. Finally, follow the latest trends of well publicized mergers and acquisitions, which are constantly changing the competitive landscape of the industry.

Several major factors creating changes in the industry include budgetary pressure due to the global recession, a shift in residential and personal use from wired services to wireless, competition between cable and wired service providers, and rapid advances in Internet and wireless technologies. In addition, government regulations are evolving quickly, which will bring even bigger changes to business strategies and solutions. The bottom line is the telecommunications industry was a $3.7 trillion sector in 2009, and as changes continue, it shows no sign of slowing down.